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A Peek in My Diaper Bag

Once you have a baby, your diaper bag becomes your best friend. You take it everywhere, and it should have everything you need to deal with any spills, hunger attacks (both yours and baby's), blowouts, and fussiness. How do you do this without lugging a 30 lb bag around?

Here's my list:

  1. Diaper Changing Kit I have a Ziploc with 5-6 diapers, travel size wipes, travel size diaper rash spray, two disposable changing pads, and a few diaper disposal bags.

  2. Hand Sanitizer I carry Purell for myself, and these great wipes for Mia!

  3. Toys For my diaper bag I always prefer toys that are easy to clean, such as these that are dishwasher safe. If your babe uses a pacifier, obviously have at least two in your diaper bag. For pacifier use out of home, pacifier clips are your friend, and I also love this case (which doubles as an easy-to-wash toy!). I also highly recommend having some toy and pacifier cleaning wipes handy!

  4. Swaddle Blanket I always carry one in my bag, and it always comes in handy! I use it as a blanket (if it gets chilly or if I need to lay Mia down on a gross surface) and as a nursing cover! See my favorite ones in the SLEEP section.

  5. Feeding Essentials I like to carry everything I will need to feed Mia at a restaurant or anywhere out of the house. This includes: disposable bibs, a spoon (see my faves in the FEED section), high chair wipes, and disposable placemats (look how cute these are!). If you're formula feeding, you'll obviously also need formula and bottles!

  6. Snacks Snacks are a must for both you and baby. For myself I usually carry anything that's easy to eat on the go and doesn't spoil easily (e.g. granola bars). For Mia I pack a pouch and teething biscuits. My absolute favorite brand of baby food pouches is Serenity Kids. They make amazing organic Paleo pouches that Mia and I both love!

  7. A Change of Clothes for Baby A onesie/shirt, pants, and socks. I usually pack a neutral color that can work with anything else she's wearing. In the winter I also carry a cardigan or sweatshirt.

  8. Sunscreen Stick I am (too) paranoid about the sun, and never want to be caught without sun protection. I carry this handy sunscreen stick that doesn't spill and I can use both for Mia and for myself!

  9. Mom Stuff Since I usually don't carry a purse in addition to the diaper bag, I always carry my usual essentials, including: Kleenex, Advil, band aids, lip balm, pen, phone charger, a water bottle, and obviously a small wallet and keys.

Anything I missed? Other ideas?

Please share in the comments!


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