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Jazz Up Your Stroller

Once you have a baby, your stroller will become an inseparable part of your life. You will use it every day for hours and hours, and rack up quite a bit of mileage. I put together a list of things to make your life with your stroller a bit more functional and fun this summer. You may recognize some of these items from the HAUL section and a previous blog post about "What to Pack for Summer Getaways with Babies".

1. Organizer

A stroller organizer is an absolute MUST. It allows easy access to your essentials (phone, wallet, keys, and even a water bottle). I have this one and really love it!

2. Toys

While babies love to look around when you're on a stroll, they can get bored after a while, so its a good idea to have a few stroller toys to keep them busy. Bonus points for toys that connect to the stroller! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Toy Arch - this one is really entertaining and fun. Both the clips and angle are adjustable, which is great!

  • Silicone Teether - Mia loves to chew on this and hold it like a handle. I love that its dishwasher safe!

  • Soft Book - this book is both pretty and fun. Note that the ring that connects to the stroller doesn't have an opening, so make sure you have a way to connect it (you can always use a toy strap like those below!).

  • Bassinet Book - this one is perfect for younger babies who are still in a bassinet.

  • Portable Activity Center - this is a fun portable toy with lots of things to do and look at.

  • Toy Straps - these are great to use to secure any toy to your stroller (or high chair), I have a million of these!

3. Hooks

There are two types of hooks I use:

  1. these hold your diaper bag in place (otherwise it keeps sliding lower and lower). These are a must in my opinion.

  2. these hold shopping bags or any additional things. They are nice to have if you run a lot of errands with your stroller or carry a bunch of things (like me), otherwise the storage under your stroller may be enough.

4. Magnets

When its really sunny and/or I want Mia to sleep in the stroller, I like to throw a swaddle blanket over it to cover her (see my favorites in the SLEEP section). These magnetic clips are great to keep the blanket in place.

5. Sun Umbrella

Most strollers have a nice sized canopy that covers baby's upper body, but those cute little legs often remain exposed to the sun. I got this great sun umbrella that clips on the stroller (the clip is surprisingly strong) and can be adjusted to any angle. Its been a life-saver so far this summer!

6. Fan

This amazing (and adorable) adjustable fan can connect to basically anything! It also comes in blue.

7. Seat Liner

With babies, messes are a huge part of our lives. While we can't fight them, we can do everything we can to make these messes as easy as possible to clean. Strollers are where lots of messes happen - food, milk, spit up, anything can spill and stain the seat. A washable stroller liner is perfect for this, and also provides additional padding!

I have this one that works for UPPAbaby strollers. For other strollers, I found these two cute ones that are supposed to fit a wide variety of strollers.

8. White Noise

For those of you who use white noise, a portable white noise machine is a must for babies who need to nap on the go! I like this adorable one!

Are there any other stroller gadgets you like? Please share in the comments!


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