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Baby Holding Parent

Hi! I'm Sharon, mama to Mia, born 2018, and her little brother, Ben, born in fall 2020.

As a first time mother, before Mia was born, I put a lot of time into researching anything and everything my baby would need to sleep, eat, play, bathe, and live. I went through lots and lots of guides and lists, and spoke with many other mamas to find the best things for my little one.

I was looking for things that are functional of course, but I also wanted them to be pretty. I often found it difficult to find stylish and nice-looking baby gear that wouldn't make my house look like a shrine to primary colors and alphabet blocks.

I wanted to share some of the products I loved, and some that I didn't, so you can learn from my great finds and from my mistakes!

Since I only review products I really used, you'll find my recommendations limited (i.e. I won't review 6 different strollers), but I promise they'll always be honest!

Hope you enjoy!



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