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First Spoons

1. First Spoons

I went with Beaba's silicone spoons and am very happy. They are the perfect size, are easy on the gums, and are dishwasher safe.

Love​: Colors, size, easy to clean.

Could be better: the silicone can get stained from certain foods (e.g. carrots).

Food Prep

2. Food Prep

I seriously considered purchasing the Beaba Babycook 4 in 1, but eventually decided against it since I have a steamer basket and a Vitamix. I do not regret my decision at all. I make batches of food and keep them in the refrigerator and freezer.

I wanted small portion containers that were not made out of plastic (I am always suspicious of putting plastic in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher, especially with baby gear). I linked my faves below.

Love​: size, material, easy to clean.

Could be better: with the multi-portion containers it's sometimes difficult to pop out a single portion.

Silicone Bibs

3. Silicone Bibs

I wanted silicone bibs that were cute and easy to clean. Many bibs are super-kitschy or flaunt huge logos on them. The cutest ones I could find were by Cloud Island from Target, and they are also dishwasher safe!

For younger babies (or those with skinny necks :) ) I really like BabyBjorn's bibs! Their neck opening is super narrow, preventing spills and messes under the bib!

These are all silicone bibs that I think are best for feeding. For my favorite bandana bibs (that are great for catching drool and spit up), see the ODDS & ENDS section.

Love​: Cloud Island: adorable designs, easy to clean ; BabyBjorn: beautiful colors, easy to clean, highly adjustable.

Could be better: Cloud Island: even more print/color options, I bought duplicate sets! ; BabyBjorn: more colors.

Plates / Bowls

4. Plates / Bowls

We love EZPZ's silicone mats and bowls. They come in cute colors, and are very easy to clean! They also suction to most surfaces which is great. Click here to purchase from Amazon, or here to shop on their website where they have a better selection of items (also, use code EZPZ25LOVE for 25% off orders of $75+).

Another great brand for silicone dinnerware is Bumkins. They also have a great variety of designs and colors and are easy to clean.

Love: BPA free, dishwasher safe, microwave safe.

Could be better: suction (older toddler can lift these up).


5. Feeder

Feeders are such a fun idea for introducing babies to the idea of eating on their own and discovering different textures. These are also awesome for teething because you can put apples or other hard fruits/veggies inside and let baby munch on it!

There are lots of different kinds of feeders out there, but many are made of mesh (not hygienic IMO) or are primary colored (ugh...).

I found these awesome Dr. Browns ones which I love!

Love: silicone material, dishwasher safe, cute, easy-grip handle.

Could be better: Nothing really, these are great.

High Chair

6. High Chair

When we first started solids Mia couldn't sit unassisted yet, so I fed her in her BabyBjorn Bouncer which worked great for us!

Once she could sit up, we bought the Stokke Tripp Trapp which we LOVE. I chose to get the chair in Slate Gray (pictured below), along with the baby set.  They offer a complete bundle which includes the chair, baby set, cushion, and tray. I decided not to get the bundle because:

  1. The chair color I wanted comes with a white tray, which I don't understand at all, since they have a beautiful gray tray available (I purchased it separately.

  2.  I disliked the cushion that came with it, and frankly wasn't sure I needed one since it's harder to clean than just wiping down the chair (I plan on getting this cushion if I ever need one).

Love​: design, easy to clean.

Could be better: customization options (I wish I could pick each piece separately to create a set), tray material is weird (hard for things to suction to it).

7. High Chair Floor Mat

The messes that happen when babies eat, OMG. This plastic floor mat is a lifesaver. It keeps your floor clean and looks totally decent!

Love​: easy to clean, practical.

Could be better: material could be thinner.

High Chair Floor Mat

For more tips and advice on introducing solids, check out the blog post "Introducing Solid Food - A Guide"!

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