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Holding Tummy


1. Skincare

I was one of the lucky pregnant women who didn't enjoy the "pregnancy glow". My skin got weird and I broke out more often. Unfortunately, many acne-fighting active ingredients in skincare products are not safe for pregnancy. Searching for an alternative, I discovered Belli Beauty's skincare line. I love their face wash and spot treatment!​

For my full pregnancy skincare routine, check out this blog post!

Love: pregnancy-safe ingredients, effectiveness.

Could be better: face wash scent, oil-free products.


2. Stretch Mark Prevention

Let me start by saying I put like 10 different products on my belly during my pregnancy so I'm not really sure which ones worked, if at all. I've heard that the biggest factor in whether or not one will get stretch marks is genetics. That may be so, but rubbing oils and creams on my belly at least made me feel like I was doing something!

Here are some of my favorites:​

A lot of people recommend Bio-Oil, and I used it, but the scent kind of bothered me

Stretch Mark Prevention
Belly Oil_edited.jpg

3. Vitamins & Supplements*

I took the following supplements during pregnancy:

  • Prenatal Multi Vitamin - I like that Megafood's products are made with real food and they can even be taken on an empty stomach (I personally got a bit queasy if I took them before breakfast, so I always took them after).

  • Prenatal DHA - no fishy smell! Yay!!!!!!!

  • Calcium Gummies - MegaFood's prenatal doesn't include Calcium (I think this may be because it interferes with the absorption of other ingredients), so I added these delicious gummies (I took them at a different time, usually after dinner as dessert).

Vitamins & Supplements

* Disclaimer: I would like to clarify that I am not a health care professional. The vitamins and supplements listed in this website are based on my preference only, and should not be viewed as medical advice. You should always check with your health care professional before taking any supplements (during pregnancy and in general), including those listed in this website.

4. Yoga Ball

I was told a yoga ball is a must. However, I didn't really want a giant purple rubber ball in the middle of my house, so I embarked on a search for a chic yoga ball, and I found one. I am IN LOVE with this yoga ball, I used it a ton before, during, and after birth. It eased back pain during pregnancy, helped cope with contractions during labor, and both my kids could always be calmed down by bouncing on it!

I has a handle that makes it easy to carry around, and the cover is washable!

Love: design, handle, easy to clean.

Could be better: nothing!

Yoga Ball

5. Maternity Clothing


My favorite maternity jeans by far are from Madewell​ their maternity collection is not well known and I have no idea why! The jeans are flattering and still super comfy and soft, without being too loose or slouchy. They run a bit big so I'd recommend sizing down from your pre-pregnancy size. I have the over-the-belly style in both the Danny Wash (a great everyday casual wash) and Black Sea (a dark distressed look), and love them both!

Love: material, fit. 

Could be better: more styles! Also - they don't carry them in-store.


The best maternity leggings are BY FAR Beyond Yoga's. I highly recommend their buttery soft spacedye fabric, which I have in three different colors and basically lived in throughout both my pregnancies. They also have great maternity tops!

Another great option for pregnancy and beyond are Lululemon's Align collection, which includes leggings and joggers (yay, pockets!). They have super stretchy waistbands, which make them suitable for pregnancy. I recommend going with your pre-pregnancy size, since the waistband can REALLY stretch out, and this way you'll get more use out of them when you're no longer pregnant.


My favorite brands for maternity clothing are Top Shop and Hatch (use this link for 10% off!). Other brands worth looking at are A Pea in the Pod, Seraphine, Motherhood, Asos, Gap, H&M, and Old Navy.

Maternity Clothing
Madewell Jeans.jpg
Beyond Yoga.jpg

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the links in this website are affiliate links, which means that if you click on a product link, I may receive compensation. This compensation comes at no additional cost to you, and of course I only recommend products that I love!

I'd love to hear from you! Tell me about products YOU loved, more products you'd like me to discuss, or anything else!

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