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Sleeping Like a Baby



1. Bassinet

For the early days, I wanted a bedside bassinet that would allow me easy access for nighttime nursing sessions and soothing. I found a few options that I liked:

I decided to go with the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper. Even though Arm's Reach could learn a thing or two from the first two options in terms of aesthetics (why anyone would want a brown and green bassinet is beyond me), their product has been around for longer, and had better reviews. Since baby sleep is such a scary and dangerous topic, I thought this was most important.

I ended up getting Arm's Reach Clear Vue Co-SLeeper in Gray and was very happy with my choice!

Have any of you tried the other two? Or another bedside bassinet you liked? Tell me about it in the comments!

Love​: convenience, breathable material, storage basket under (I used it for sheets).

Could do better: design!

Swaddles & Sleepsacks

2. Swaddles & Sleepsacks

For the really early days I tried a bunch of different swaddles, my favorite ones were by far SwaddleMe Original Swaddles. They are super easy to use and hard to break out from. They only lasted for a short period of time before Mia outgrew them so I searched for an alternative. Since it's recommended to ditch the swaddle before baby can roll over, I decided to go with the Halo Sleepsack Swaddles - they're still cozy but not as tight as a swaddle. I figured this would help us transition to a classic sleepsack. Once she was close to rolling over, we started using the regular Halo Sleepsacks and we love them.

Tip: If you go with the Halo ones (swaddles or sleepsacks), make sure you get ones with the two-way zipper, the others are a pain to close on a squirmy baby. They don't always list which ones have the two-way zipper, but you can identify them by the small pocket-like piece of fabric they have covering the bottom of the zipper and the flap covering the top of the zipper (like the ones linked below).

Love: SwaddleMe Original Swaddles: easy to use, hard to break out from ; Halo Sleepsack Swaddles: easy to use, cotton/fleece/muslin options for different climates, versatility (arms in, up, or out - helps with transitioning) ; Halo Sleepsacks: easy to use, cotton/fleece/muslin options for different climates.

Could be better: nothing.


  • Zipadee-Zip Transition Swaddle
     the zipper rode up and covered Mia's face. It also seemed uncomfortable (baby looks like a starfish in it).
    I found it much easier to transition out of the swaddle using the Halo Sleepsack Swaddles - I did one arm out for a few nights, then both arms out, and then moved to a regular sleepsack!

Swaddle Blankets

3. Swaddle Blankets

I didn't actually use swaddle blankets as swaddles (I believe you need an engineering degree to do so), but they have a ton on other uses - such as light blankets to lay under baby, burp clothes, stroller covers, nursing covers, and more. Aden + Anais make super-soft ones (make sure to get the ones marked "silky soft"!)

Love: super-soft material, breathability.

Could be better: prints are cute, but could be even better.

Night Light

4. Night Light

For middle of the night diaper changes, I wanted a small, easy to use, night light with a soft gentle light. I came across the Vava night light which is touch operated (many night lights have a switch on the bottom which can be hard to operate with a baby in your hands) and has an adjustable light intensity. It has a rechargeable battery so it can easily be moved around and doesn't need to be plugged in at all times, and comes in three beautiful colors: light pink, light blue, and white.

Love: design, ease of use, portability, colors.

Could be better: battery life.

Baby Monitor

4. Baby Monitor

I have the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor and am very happy with it. It has great picture quality and is very easy to use. 

After a few months of use my battery started to act weird and couldn't hold a charge, I was about to replace it, but read a tip online saying I should try disconnecting the battery for 20 mins and putting it back - and it worked! So keep that in mind in case it happens to you.

Love: ease of use, great night vision.

Could be better: WiFi option, better signal for multi-story houses.


  • Arlo WiFi Baby Monitor
     the WiFi glitches quite often. I hear this is a common issue with all WiFi monitors out there. Also, it takes a fairly long time to load once you open the app. I have to give it to them though, the design is cute and the picture quality is amazing (when it works properly).
    Do you have a WiFi monitor you like? Please share in the comments! Bonus points if it has both a parent viewing unit and a WiFi option!

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