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Diapers & Wipes

1. Diapers & Wipes

My favorite diapers are hands down The Honest Company's diapers. They have the cutest prints and their diapers + wipes subscription is super convenient (no more schlepping mega packs of diapers or running out!). I also found that these fit Mia the best - they are a bit narrower than Pampers and Huggies, so we had far less blowouts and leaks with these.

I also LOVE The Honest Company's wipes. They are extra big and thick, and are mostly made of water. I really wanted to like Water Wipes, but didn't like them at all, they were thin and small.

For nighttime I use the Sposie Booster Pads to prevent leaks, I find this works better for us than overnight diapers.

Love: eco-friendly materials, cute prints, slim fit, subscription convenience, wipe quality.

Could be better: no wetness indicator (I personally don't mind this at all)

Honest Co.jpg
Diaper Bag

2. Diaper Bag

I must admit that I didn't find my diaper bag, rather it found me! This was my first successful purchase from an Instagram ad.

I'm OBSESSED with my Happ diaper backpack. Besides the fact that it's insanely chic, it's also the most functional diaper bag I've come across.

It has tons of compartments and pockets and is wide and shallow so you can easily find what you're looking for.

Love: super-stylish, made of easy to clean nylon, lots of compartments, has shoulder straps and long strap to hang on stroller.

Could be better: I wish it were a tiny bit bigger.

Happ Diaper Bag.jpg
Diaper Rash Preventon

3. Diaper Rash Prevention

I'm not the biggest fan of thick and pasty diaper creams, or putting too many things on baby skin in general.

For everyday use I found the Diaper Potion Lotion Spray.

I initially bought this for on-the-go diaper changes (so I wouldn't need to use my hands to apply cream), but I loved it so much that I now use it at home too for all diaper changes besides bedtime. Since Mia started sleeping longer stretches at night I use Honest's Diaper Rash Cream for bedtime, because she sometimes stays in the same diaper all night. I proud to say that with these two products, she's never had a diaper rash!

If you decide to go with a cream, I highly recommend the Baby Bum diaper cream applicator. This is one of those things I initially looked at didn't get at all. But seriously, this is a great product! It helps create a nice thin and even layer of cream and keeps your fingers clean!

Love: spray: clean and easy to use, natural ingredients, smells amazing! ; cream: less thick than other creams.

Could be better: NOTHING, the spray is one of my favorite products.

Changing Pad

4. Changing Pad

I got a changing pad set from Summer Infant. It's nice and simple and the changing pad covers are super soft.

Love: has contoured edges and a safety belt for wiggly babies, soft covers, easy to clean.

Could be better: I wish this had a non-slip bottom.

Diaper Trash Can

5. Diaper Trash Can

At first, I got the Diaper Genie. It worked fine for the most part (good about keeping odors in, and can hold a lot of diapers), but I didn't love it. It's made of thin plastic and seems flimsy. Also, it requires special bags which is impractical. After my second one broke, I decided to try something else. I did some research, and decided on the Ubbi. It doesn't require special bags which is awesome, and it's MUCH sturdier than the Diaper Genie. The downside is that it doesn't have a foot pedal and is a bit low, so you need to bend down a bit to open it, not always easy to do while keeping your other hand on baby.

Love: no special bags, holds many diapers, controls smell, sturdy, color selection.

Could be better: height, foot pedal.

On the Go Changng Essentials

6. On the Go Changing Essentials

I initially got the Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station you see everywhere. But TBH it's just bulky and takes up too much room in my diaper bag.

I found it much easier to have a Ziploc with the following essentials:


Diaper Caddy

7. Diaper Caddy

I got this simple diaper caddy which works fine. However, after I bought it I came across Skip Hop's diaper caddy which looks amazing - it's cute and also has a little night light which is perfect for middle of the night changes!​

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