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For some more postpartum tips and info, check out the blog post What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag (and what to leave at home).

1. Nursing Bras

I will start by saying that I'm not a fan of underwire bras (and frankly don't really need them), so the ones I'm suggesting here are wireless :)

I have two favorites:

  • Bravdo! Designs Buttercup Nursing Bra - a super-soft lightly padded bra that provides great support for a wireless bra. I have it in black and in dawn (a beautiful soft dusty purple) and love both!

  • Lively Mesh Trim Maternity Bralette - the cutest nursing bra out there! It comes in black and light pink. Note that this is a bralette so it doesn't provide much support.
    Use this code for $10 off your first purchase from Lively (they also have gorgeous non-nursing stuff!): AMB-mamalovesmiablog

Love: Bravdo: soft, comfy, great support, light padding means you don't have to use breast pads ; Lively: design, looks good showing under clothes.

Could be better: Would love if Lively offered more colors.

Nursing Bras
Lively Nursing Bra.jpeg


2. Nursing Loungewear

Since Mia was born in the winter, we spent a lot of time at home during the first few months. I lived in sweats/leggings, a nursing tank, and a cozy wrap.

My favorite PJ nursing tanks are these. A lot of nursing tanks out there are made of nylon so they both don't feel great and are usually super tight (which is both uncomfortable and unflattering). These are mostly cotton and are not super tight around the belly (bonus points for being able to wear them during pregnancy too!). They are simple and great.

I found that nursing tanks are much easier than nursing T-shirts or long-sleeved nursing tops, so I stuck to these when I was home. However, when it got really cold I needed to wear something over them. I didn't want anything with buttons or zippers because I was holding Mia all the time and didn't want anything that could scratch or bother her. So I got a super cozy open-front cardigan from Gap which was AMAZING (I got it in two colors and then bought them for my entire family for Christmas). Unfortunately, Gap doesn't sell them anymore, but I found this one on Amazon which looks amazing. The pockets are also great for carrying your phone around.

Love: Tanks: fit, material, nursing snaps (some are easier to open than others, these are great).

Could be better: Tanks: durability (but they aren't expensive and I washed them a gazillion times - so I'm not terribly disappointed).

Nursing Loungewear

3. Nursing Clothing

My search for nursing-friendly clothing was surprisingly more difficult than finding nice maternity clothes. You can't just size-up or get looser fitting styles (easy boob access is not a popular requirement for non-nursing shoppers).

I got most of my nursing clothing from GapA Pea in the PodMotherhood, and Old Navy (surprising I know!), most are hit-and-miss but I did manage to find some cute items. I'm linking some of my favorites below:

  • nursing tanks - these are amazing layering pieces! The built-in bra is lightly padded so you don't need to wear nursing pads or a bra.

  • long sleeved top - this one is nice and thin. For winter it's nice to have tops that lift up without exposing your entire midriff.

Nursing Clothing

4. Breastfeeding Support

There are a TON of products out there that claim to support breastfeeding and increase milk supply. I haven't tried many of them, but one product that I think really works is Mother's Milk Tea. I love drinking tea, so this was an easy solution for me!

Another product I liked were these Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites. I'm not sure if they work, but they are absolutely delicious.

Love: tea: effectiveness ; cookies: taste, size (they are bite size and come in serving-sized packets).

Could be better: tea: some people don't like the taste (I do though! it's very herb-y) ; cookies: serving size could be a bit smaller.

Breastfeeding Support

5. Water Bottle

Its super important to stay hydrated after birth, especially if you're breastfeeding. A reusable water bottle with a straw is perfect because you only need one hand to drink from it (you'll most likely be handling a tiny person with the other), and it doesn't spill easily! I have this one.

Love: easy to use, dishwasher safe, size.

Could be better: nothing really.

Water Bottle

I'd love to hear from you! Tell me about products YOU loved, more products you'd like me to discuss, or anything else!

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