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1. Pacifiers

I really dislike those huge green soothies that babies love so much (not cute in pics at all!). So I searched far and wide for pacifiers that Mia and I would both love. I found two:

Love: Bibs: colors, size ; Ryan & Rose: design, teether.

Could be better: Ryan & Rose could offer more colors (love them all!).


  • Wubbanub Pacifiers
     the pacifiers don't detach from the stuffed animals so it's very hard to clean and sterilize the nipples.

  • Doddle & Co Pop Pacifiers
    Why? I really wanted to love these, but I didn't. They have built-in covers that are supposed to "pop" back into a protective case if they fall. Problem is they pop back very easily, even while baby sucks on it.

Pacifier Clips

2. Pacifier Clips

I've gotten so many compliments on these pacifier clips and I love them! The silicone beads are much more hygienic and easy to clean, and Mia loves to munch on them! I also got this personalized one which I love!

Love: design, material, hygienic, durability.

Could be better: wish they were dishwasher safe.

3. Pacifier Holders

I like to keep pacifiers everywhere, so I have pacifier holders attached to my diaper bag and the stroller. Since they're on display, I like to have pretty ones!  I linked two of my favorite brands below.

Love: hygienic, design, easy to clean.

Could be better: Nothing!

Pacifer Holders
Nail Care

4. Nail Care

Most of the baby nail scissors/clippers out there are super serious. Why should they be?

I love this baby nail care kit which comes with scissors, clippers, a nail file, and tweezers - all in an adorable container.

Love: design, practicality, colors (it also comes in a beautiful baby blue and light gold).

Could be better: nothing.


5. Thermometer

Before Mia was born, I read online that the most accurate temperature reading for babies is by using a rectal thermometer, so that's what I got. It's still in the box, god knows why I thought I would be able/want to stick a thermometer in my baby's butt if she wasn't feeling well. So I got a temporal thermometer that's super easy to use. My pediatrician's office uses one, so I figured it should be good enough for me.

Love: easy to use, versatility (can also be used as ear thermometer for older kids).

Could be better: nothing really.


6. Laundry

With piles and piles of baby laundry thanks to poop explosions, spit up, and other baby messes - this is a super important category.

For a detergent I like Mrs. Meyers Baby Blossom Laundry Detergent. It has a really nice but gentle smell, and doesn't irritate Mia's skin!

For stains I like Babyganics Stain & Odor Remover Spray - I try to spray it on as soon as possible after a stain happens, rub it in, and let it soak if I can't wash it immediately. It always surprises me how well it gets rid of stains! Note that Amazon usually sells these in packs of 3 so maybe try to get one somewhere else before you commit (I still haven't finished even one of the three I accidentally ordered 🤦🏻‍♀)!

Love: detergent: scent, gentle formula ; stain remover: spray application, effectiveness.

Could be better: would be nice if the stain remover came in a smaller bottle.

Booger Solutions

7. Booger Solutions

Nobody tells you this, but babies cannot blow their noses. I hope this never happens to you, but in case your baby gets a cold and has a hard time breathing because of a stuffy/runny nose you’ll want a nasal aspiratior handy.
The Nosefrida SnotSucker is a gross but extremely handy device that literally allows you to suck boogers out of your baby’s nose. No, the boogers will not get into your mouth. This works amazingly.
Another little gadget I like is the Oogiebear. It’s great for pulling out a pesky booger or two (while the Nosefrida is better for more severe runny noses). Why not use your finger you ask? Because a) you are not an animal, and b) your fingers are likely too fat for your baby’s nostrils.

Also, q-tips will shove the booger deeper so that doesn’t work either.

Love: Nosefrida: effectiveness, easy to use ; Oogiebear: cute, easy to use.

Could be better: both could have better designs, and it would be nice if the Oogiebear were dishwasher safe.

8. Baby Hand Sanitizing Wipes

When Mia started touching everything and putting everything and anything in her mouth, I was desperate for an easy way to clean her hands. Since we cant use regular hand sanitizer on babies, and washing their hands in a sink isn't really feasible, there aren't many options left. I found these baby hand sanitizing wipes by Babyganics. They are alcohol-free and smell amazing! I always have a pack in my diaper bag.

Love: baby-safe ingredients, scent.

Could be better: nothing really!

Baby Hand Sanitizing Wipes

9. Bandana Bibs

Bandana bibs are great for catching drool and spit up, and protect babe's cute outfits! I like Copper Pearl's the best!

Love: cute designs, thick & absorbent.

Could be better: more discreet logo.

Bandana Bibs

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