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Newborn Bath

1. Newborn Bath

For the newborn days I wanted something I could use in my sink. It was both cozier for Mia, and easier for me not needing to bend down as I was recovering from a c-section. I love the Blooming Bath Lotus - it fits my sink perfectly and was well padded and soft. The best part is that it is washer/dryer friendly.

If your sink is small or if you prefer something that will last until baby is older, I've heard good things about Fisher Price's 4 in 1 tub.

Love​: easy to clean and dry in machine, soft, super-cute.

Could be better: durability (it became a bit stained over time).

Infant Bath.jpg
Infant Bath

2. Infant Bath

Once Mia was bigger and could sit up on her own, I moved her to a bath ring that sits in the bath tub (see pic below).

I brought one from abroad since I couldn't find one I liked in the US. Summer Infant makes a bath seat with a similar concept but it seems bulky. I also found this one on Amazon but it didn't have many reviews so I decided not to get it.

Have any of you tried these or have other bath seats that you like? Share in the comments!

Love​: hygienic, easy to use. 

Could be better: nothing!

Bath Wash

3. Bath Wash

I love Mustela products. Their wash smells great and is gentle. I also like the Honest Company's wash, I love to alternate between them so I don't get sick and tired of the scent!

Love: scent, pump (a must with a wiggly baby occupying your other hand).

Could be better: nothing really, maybe packaging?


4. Rinser

I use Skip Hop's Moby Bath Rinser. It's super cute and practical - it has a soft lip you can lean against baby's head to act as a bath visor. It's also dishwasher safe which is a plus. It also comes in blue, but I love gray and always prefer it.

Love: cute design, easy to use, easy to clean.

Could be better: would be nice if it came with a suction cup to store near the bath.


5. Towel

Lifting a baby out of the bath usually involves getting your clothes soaked. Apron towels are meant to prevent that. They secure around the parent's neck so you can cradle baby in the towel without wetting your clothes! I love these!

Love: super practical, soft, snap closure (I have another one I dont like which is Velcro that always gets tangled in  my hair and sticks to other things in the laundry).

Could be better: more options and cuter designs (think bunny hooded towels).


6. Lotion

I love Mustela's Hydra Bebe Lotion. It has a gentle nice scent and goes on smooth. It also comes in a pump which I always prefer.

Another product I absolutely love is Tubby Todd Bath Co's Natural All Over Ointment. It works wonders with all the weird baby rashes and dry patches!

Love: Mustela: scent, feel, pump ; Tubby Todd: buttery texture, effectiveness, natural ingredients. Use this link for 10% off your purchase!

Could be better: Mustela: packaging could be nicer (though they do have limited editions every now and then with super cute packaging) ; Tubby Todd: would be nice if it came in a tube/pump.

Tubby Todd Natural All Over Ointment.png

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