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Favorite Toys for Baby's 1st Year

Stuffed animals, musical toys, keys, and even Tupperware - babies like to play with everything! This post is all about toys Mia and I liked best during her first 12 months of life.

0 - 3 MONTHS

At this age, babies are mostly entertained by visual stimulation. Think high-contrast images, mirrors, and anything to encourage tummy time. They also start working on their grasping skills.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Mirror - any baby-safe mirror will work. A toy I like is this tummy time book which includes black and white images, a mirror, and colorful images for later on!

  • Stroller Soft Book - this is super nice to put in the bassinet/crib for baby to look at. It has a black and white side for newborns and a colorful side for older babies!

  • First Rattle - the skinny part is great to teach baby how to grasp things, while the black & white stripes and lights are fun to look at!

  • First Teether - the shape makes it easier to grasp for little ones, and its 100% food grade silicone which is safe and super easy to clean! Comes in three gorgeous designs.

  • Crinkle Toy - babies LOVE anything crinkly! For some reason they also love tags. This one is a 2-in-1.

  • Activity Gym - Lovevery's is so beautiful and will last a long time! It converts to a tent for older kids! I love their website (and they ship for free), but you can also get the gym at Amazon.

4 - 8 MONTHS

At this age babies have mastered grasping things, love using their hands, and putting things in their mouth! They are also perfecting their head control, and learning to sit up!

  • Keys - these were a huge hit and really easy to take on the go! This company has many more high-quality wooden toys that are worth looking at!

  • Rain Rattle - Mia was obsessed with this rattle! She loved the noise it made, and its really cute too! There's a similar mini version which is great for throwing in the diaper bag!

  • Ball Drop Toy - the one we have is from the Lovevery subscription (see below), but I linked a similar one I found on Amazon. Mia loved (and still loves) this toy, and it was great to develop her fine motor skills and teach her about object permanence.

  • Jumper - as I discuss at length in the PLAY section, I have mixed feelings about these jumpers. They are super ugly, but babies love them SO much! I'd say it was the biggest hit between 5-7 months, but she still loved it at close to a year old! I have a classic (and not the best looking) Fisher Price one. The best looking one I was able to find was this one, which unfortunately was released after I got Mia hers, so I haven't had a chance to try it.

9 - 12 MONTHS

Babies are SUPER active at this age. They love crawling around, cruising, some even walking, and can now enjoy more sophisticated toys!

  • Piano - Mia loves banging on this! Its also great for older kids, so it will last a long time.

  • Dimpl - the bubbles are really fun to push and pop (and put in your mouth apparently)! Bonus points for being super easy to clean, making this another great diaper bag toy.

  • Activity Center - this was the least ugly one I could find. Mia loves it! Its great for her to practice standing and cruising. The variety of activities incorporated make this a long-lasting investment!

  • Measuring Tape - not exactly a toy, but Mia loves playing with it! I bought her this cute one so she has her own.

A few all time hits that are easy to find if you forget your toys:

  • Package of Wipes

  • Diaper Cream Tube

  • Plastic/Paper Cups

  • Tupperware

  • Pots, Pans, and Wooden Spoons

A lot of Mia's favorite toys come from our Lovevery play kit subscription: they send you a box every two to three months, with beautifully designed age-appropriate toys. I highly recommend their stuff (its a great gift idea to ask for from grandparents or other relatives!).

Tell me about your little one's favorite toys in the comments!


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