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Gift Ideas for New Moms

When babies are born, they are usually showered with gifts. But what about gifts for their parents?

Here's a list of gift ideas for new moms who deserve a little (a lot) of extra love during the challenging postpartum period.

Super soft and comfy slippers are always a fun gift. I love these because they are very soft, and good for all year long. Bonus points for having gorgeous color options (check out the grayish-blue shown below, as well as the tie-dye and blush colors!

These masks are a cute, quick, and easy way to indulge in some much needed self care.

These leggings are buttery soft and have pockets - a must have for carrying a phone and other essentials around along with baby. The high waist offers great support without being too tight. They are amazing for lounging or working out, I live in them!

Uber-chic exercise gear, including ankle/wrist weights, dumbbells, a kettle bell ring, and more! This company was featured in Shark Tank and scored an investment from tennis superstar Maria Sharapova!

This massage gun is a bit of a pricier option, but makes an amazing gift. It's super powerful, and really gets deep into the muscle. Amazing for relieving back pain from carrying a baby and breastfeeding. The company offers a few versions of the gun - Mini, Prime, Elite, and Pro, that vary by price (about $199 - $599), force, functions, and accessories (see comparison of the different models here). I decided to go with the prime, and am very happy with my choice. I was debating between the prime and the mini, and decided to go with the prime because I read that the handle makes it easier to reach certain areas of your back and shoulders.

Home Pampering Session

New moms are short on time, and often the first thing to go is time for self care. A home pampering session makes a perfect gift without needing to leave the house. A massage or a mani-pedi are great choices. Zeel offers in-home massage treatments in many area of the US, and I've had good experiences with them! Glamsquad offers nail treatments, haircuts, and blowouts, and while I haven't tried them myself, I've heard good things!

Food Delivery Service Gift Card

We all know that new parents' lives can be super hectic, leaving little time for proper cooking. A gift card for a food delivery service like Doordash or Grubhub make a great practical gift!


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