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Bath Toys for Toddlers

Bath time is the favorite time of the day for many toddlers, and fun bath toys make it even better!

Here's a list of my favorite bath toys for toddlers.

This toy is probably the number one hit in our house. It has two parts: a battery operated pump (that suctions to the bath walls under water level to draw water) with a mini handheld shower attached, and a water station with different parts to spray water into that spins, sprays, and squirts! I was very skeptical of a battery operated bath toy like the pump, but we've had it for several months now and it's still working perfectly! I love the idea of having a closed system to spray water instead of wastefully running water. In addition to using the handheld shower to spray onto the water station, it's great for encouraging independence and can be used to teach little ones how to shower themselves!

I know it's not the best looking toy, but it's a really great one!

Boon makes some fabulous bath toys. Two of my favorites are the pipes and the gears. The pipe set includes 5 pipes with different shapes and functions, and can be used separately or together (you can also use the shower head from the spray station above to spray water into the pipes!). The gear set includes 5 gears of different size and shape that can be assembled into a water-powered chain.

A classic favorite - a simple set of foam letters and numbers that make bath time a learning opportunity!

This adorable set of dispensers and color tablets is super fun - insert a tablet into the whale or fish dispenser and watch it paint the bath in fun colors! The tablets are moisturizing and don't stain skin or the bath!

Stacking cups are great for play inside and outside the bath. The also work for younger babies as well as for toddlers. These are the most beautiful and well made set of stacking cups I've encountered and are super fun!

In case you also need an organizer for all your little one's bath toys, I highly recommend this one. Its sleek and has a bin with draining holes and a base that doubles as a toy scoop. It's also dishwasher safe which I'm always happy about!

Repurposing Other Toys

You can also repurpose other toys and household items you already have as bath toys, when your collection needs to be refreshed. Here are some ideas:

  • Sand box or beach toys (we like this set)

  • Watering cans

  • Tupperware

  • Spray bottles

  • Soup ladles, serving spoons, slotted spoons, etc.

For more bath gear suggestions and toy ideas for younger babies, see this blog post, and BATHE section!


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