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Gift Ideas for Toddlers

The holiday season is here, so I rounded up a list of gift ideas for toddlers! This list can also come handy for birthdays, promotions to big brothers/sisters, or just because!


These are a great STEM toy that will last for years!

For a more pocket-friendly but still awesome version, click here.

Stylish Pajamas

We're all spending more time at home than we'd like to this year, but at least we can do so in style!

These are my favorite PJs that Mia has been wearing for the second year straight! They come in bigger sizes too, so they can make a great gift for siblings!

Number, Shape & Stacking Puzzle

A combo toy that combines fine motor skills (puzzle and stacking) along with learning colors, numbers, and shapes. For older kids, this can be used to teach math too. Bonus points for the gorgeous design.

Hot Wheels

Scooters and bikes are all the rage for toddlers. We have a scooter and a balance bike, and Mia loves both! Don't forget to match this gift with a cool helmet as well!

The balance bike with the basket (Banwood) is the most beautiful one I've found, but sits higher so it's suitable for toddlers 3 years old and up, while the other one (Strider) works for two year olds as well.

Bubble Camera

This is one of the biggest hits with Mia. It makes amazing bubbles and plays fun music. She loves leaving a trail of bubbles on walks in her stroller and running around with it outside.

Be sure to get extra bubbles too, because this toy is super addictive.


This is an awesome toddler-approved trampoline that can be used indoors and outdoors!

I got one to use indoors, for so Mia can let out some energy once it gets too cold to go outside.

Dot Markers

Super fun for indoor rainy-day activities.


Another idea for indoor fun! This easel has a magnetic dry-erase board as well as a pull down paper roll, so it has multiple functions! It also comes with two storage bins to keep all the markers, crayons, magnets, etc handy and organized. Its also pretty easy to assemble!

It's available on Amazon and Walmart. Its usually cheaper at Walmart, but goes out of stock often (you always sign up for an in-stock alert on the product page to be notified when they restock).

Punch Balloons

This simple and idea is a favorite in our house! Make an activity out of blowing them up! Have your toddler help put a teaspoon of rice in each balloon to create extra fun noise-making balloons!

Singalong Boombox

This simple looking toy is a fun music player with a working microphone for singing along! It comes with 24 songs by kids' favorite Mother Goose Club, and also has internal memory and a Bluetooth connection that allow you to transfer/stream your own music!

Ice Cream Counter

Melissa and Doug are known to make many kid-favorite toys. One particularly favorite one is this adorable ice cream counter.

Cool Kid Backpacks

When Mia started school I went on a hunt for a practical, yet stylish backpack for her.

I came across these gorgeous ones which are waterproof and adorable! The ones linked below are the mini size, which I found perfect for our needs, but some of the designs also come in a slightly bigger size.

This brand is most known for awesome cold-weather accessories which are worth checking out as well!

Toy Box Subscription

If you've been following my blog, you already know that the Lovevery Playkit subscription is one of my favorites. Subscribers get a box every 2-3 months with age-approprite, research-backed toys, that are extremely well made and beautiful. SO MANY of Mia's favorite toys are from this subscription. You can choose how many boxes you want to gift depending on the child's age and your budget (even one box is an amazing gift!).

For gift ideas for younger babies and expectant parents, see this blog post!


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