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Introducing Solid Food - A Guide

After a few months of a liquid-only diet, sometime between 4-6 months of age, many parents start introducing solid food to their little ones (always consult with your doctor re when to start). This post is meant to help you navigate this process, and provide some suggestions and tips!

This post focuses on the early stages of introducing solid foods. Stay tuned for a post about older babies & toddler feeding!

Many doctors recommend introducing one food at a time to rule at allergic reactions or food sensitivities. A few ideas for first foods include pureed zucchini, carrots, sweet potato, or banana. I preferred to start with less sweet options, so I started with pureed zucchini.

More early food ideas include: butternut squash, avocado (watered down with water/breast milk/formula), pumpkin, apple, pear.

I usually steamed hard vegetables and fruits (although a microwave works too if you're in a rush), and pureed them in a blender. I found that a regular blender/hand blender works great, although many parents love the Beaba Babycook that takes care of both steaming and blending. I prepared a few portions at a time, and froze them for future use.

Things you'll need:

  • The first thing you'll need when you are introducing solids is a high chair! I started with solids right after Mia turned 4 months old. She couldn't sit unassisted yet, so I couldn't put her in an ordinary high chair. I used my Babybjorn bouncer instead, and it worked great! Once she could sit on her own, I got the Tripp Trapp chair which we love! Another great option that is portable and budget friendly is this one, that also converts into a booster seat!

  • Blender

  • Steaming basket - like this one

  • Spoons - I love these, they are made of silicone and super gentle on the gums.

  • Bibs - Babybjorn's bibs are super adjustable and are great for younger babies. I also love Cloud's Island's silicone bibs that come in the cutest prints.

  • Portioned Storage Containers - I like these and these silicone ones, and these glass ones. But there are many great ones out there!

  • High Chair Mat - this clear mat that you place on the floor under your highchair makes messes so much easier to clean. And trust me, messes WILL happen.

  • These silicone feeders are not a must have, but fun for baby to practice self feeding, and to let them try other foods without the choking hazard! A few ideas for these feeders are small pieces of avocado or berries! They are also great for teething (put chunks of chilled cucumber or fruit for baby to gnaw on).

Check out the FEED section for more info and suggestions!


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