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Splash, Splash, Baby!

For us, bath time has always been the most fun part of Mia’s bedtime routine. Since she was a newborn, she loved splashing around in the water and playing.

Here are a few of my favorite bath tips and products to make bath time the best part of your day!

1. Newborn Bath & Infant Seat

When Mia was a newborn we loved this flower sink insert. Its thick and spongy and feels very supportive. Once she got too big for the sink (around 6-7 months) we moved her to the big bath. We use a ring seat that we bought abroad (more about it in the BATHE section). The closest thing I could find in the US is this seat.

2. Body Wash

My favorite bath wash is Mustela's. It has a nice gentle smell and isn't over-drying. For winter, they have an extra-moisturizing one with cold cream that I love.

3. Rinser

We love this super-popular whale rinser. However, I chose the gray one over the more common blue one, because bright colors 🙅🏻‍♀. It doubles as a bath visor making it easy to rinse babe’s hair, and is also dishwasher safe!

4. Spout Protector

We used this protector when we were bathing Mia in the sink to make sure she didn’t bang any body parts on the spout. Now we don’t really use it, because we bathe her in the big bath in a seat so she doesn’t get anywhere near the spout. However, when she grows out of the infant seat and sits freely in the bath I anticipate we’ll use it again!

5. TOYS!

Bath toys were a major issue for me – I read tons scary stories from moms who discovered disgusting mold on the inside of their little ones’ bath toys 😳🤢.

I looked for fun toys that are also easy to clean. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Squirt Toys – these have heads that come off so they dry out completely, preventing gross mold from growing inside. They are also dishwasher safe which is my favorite.

  • Bath Book – this one is super cool because its black and white and reveals color when wet!

  • Stacking Drip Cups – we love the ones we got from our Lovevery subscription (see previous blog post where I describe their awesome subscription). These are similar and have great reviews!

  • Light Up Unicorn – this adorable super-cool toy lights up when it touches water!

Here are some that unfortunately didn’t work out:

  • Munchkin Squirt Toys – these became gross inside after a very short time.

  • Boon Jellies – I really wanted to love these, because they are super cute and fun. However, they are hard to clean and accumulate grime in all their small spaces.

6. Bath Toy Organizer

At our previous apartment we used this mesh bag that suctions to the edge of the bath and allows the toys to dry out well. I loved it and it worked great. However, we recently moved, and for some reason the suction cups don’t suction to the bath in our new apartment (weird!).

I got this bin instead, which is great! The only downside is that its much smaller than it looks, we may need to get a second one at some point. But it looks great and has a removable tray at the bottom to let the water drain out of the toys.

I’d love to hear about your best bath tips and favorite toys! Please share in the comments!

Happy bathing!


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