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What to Pack for Summer Getaways with Babies

Summer is finally here -- and so are the much anticipated beach and pool vacations. I'm working on a brand new TRAVEL section, but in the meantime I thought I'd put together a list of a few essentials you'll need for travelling to sunny destinations with your little one.

1. Swimwear I really like long sleeved swimsuits for babies for extra protection. Ruffle Butts has some cute options for girls. Another great option is to just get a rash guard that can work with any swimwear you already have. I have this simple white one that goes with all of Mia's swimsuits.

2. Swim Diapers I like Huggies Little Swimmers. They work great and we haven't had any issues with them.

3. Sunscreen

ThinkBaby's sunscreen is great! It goes on nicely and doesn't irritate Mia's skin!

I also have this sunscreen stick in my diaper bag for quick touch ups on the go.

4. Hat

A good hat that stays on is a must for summertime! Mia has this one and we love it! It has a wide brim, is adjustable (bonus points for having a drawstring, so you don't need to tie it on a squirmy baby), and stays on well!

A friend of mine who has a baby boy complained that most of the hats out there are kind of girly, and I have found that she is totally right. The same brand that makes Mia's hat has cute ones for boys too!

Another thing that's nice to have is a swim hat - which is a hat made of swimsuit material so that it dries quickly and provides UV protection. Mia has a cute one from H&M which they no longer carry, but I found this one that looks great and comes in lots of colors!

5. Sunglasses

Many infant sunglasses come in one size intended to fit babies from 0 to 24 or even 36 months old. I found that many of these were way too big for Mia. I discovered an amazing french company named IZIPIZI that makes baby sunglasses suitable for 0-12 months of age. They fit Mia much better, are made of a nice and soft material, and come with a removable strap to help them stay on.

6. Pool Float Pool floats with canopies must be the best invention ever! We have this adorable swan one that Mia loves!

7. Bug Spray

If you're travelling to someplace humid you'll definitely want to pack insect repellent.

I have this one and have had a good experience with it (I've been using it since I was pregnant), even though the reviews are meh.

8. Sun Tent This is definitely not a must-have but nice to bring to the beach or pool to make sure baby has a well protected place to hang away from the sun. We have this tent that pops up and comes with a carrying bag!

9. Stroller Fan

If you are travelling somewhere especially warm, a stroller fan may not be a bad idea! Mia always gets super hot in her stroller so she really enjoys the cool breeze. We have this cute one that also comes in blue.

10. Travel Blackout Shade

Lots of hotels don't have blackout shades. That can be super annoying, especially if you're also travelling across different time zones and dealing with jet lag. This travel blackout shade attaches to any window with suction cups and has been a lifesaver for us! Note that its not huge so we sometimes use two of these.

11. Inflatable Baby Bath Tub

When Mia was 3 months old we went to Miami with her. I didn't bother taking a baby bath with us, because I figured we'd bathe her in the sink or take a bath with her. Little did I know that the hotel had supposedly "modern" sinks that were nearly flat, and the rooms only had showers, no bathtubs. Since then, we've been travelling with an inflatable baby bath tub which works very well! I recommend calling your hotel in advance though, because some hotels provide baby baths!

12. Odds & Ends

Here are a few other helpful things you may want to consider adding to your airplane bag or suitcase:

And don't forget your standard diapers, wipes, soap, bottles, pacifiers, toys, etc.

Are there any other summer travel must-haves you can think of? Share in the comments!



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