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Winter (Baby) is Coming!

Having a newborn in the cold winter months can be a bit tricky. The flip side is that baby cuddles are extra cozy! Here are some of my favorite products to help keep your winter babies nice and warm:

1. Baby Carrier Outerwear Wearing baby in a carrier is the easiest way to run quick errands in the winter months. But how do you keep baby protected from the cold?

I love Seraphine's 3-in-1 sweatshirts and coats that can be used during pregnancy and after, with or without baby! The brilliant part is the removable insert that wraps around the baby carrier, and even has an attached hood to keep baby's head warm.

Use this link for 15% off your purchase on their website.

2. Stroller Rain Cover A rain cover for the stroller is a must have for winter! Make sure you get one with an easy access window so you can reach baby without needing to remove the entire cover!

Here are links to the ones I have for my UPPAbaby stroller and Doona car seat, as well as a universal one that has good reviews.

3. Stroller Gloves Stroller gloves are a genius invention! They attach the stroller handle, keeping you hands warm as you push the stroller around. You can easily slip your hands in and out of the gloves, without the inconvenience of needing to take gloves on and off every time you need to fish something out of the diaper bag/replace baby's pacifier/use your phone/do anything with your hands.

4. PJs

In the early months babies spend most of their time in PJs. The fact that newborns usually hate diaper changes, coupled with the cold temperatures, means we do everything we can to make changes as fast as possible. I found two brands of PJs that are awesome for this purpose. Magnificent Baby has footies that close with magnets - brilliant. They seriously take one second to open and close. A game changer. Another brand is ZippyJamz that make zippered PJs with an inseam zipper for easy zipper access (they run a bit small so size up!). The only downside with these two brands is that the designs are not the best, but you can find some decent ones! Another brand of PJs I like is Bonamy - they have regular snaps, but are a bit thicker than regular ones, which is great for winter, and come in the most beautiful colors.

5. Warm Swaddle/Sleepsack

The AAP advises to avoid the use of soft bedding, including crib bumpers, blankets, pillows and soft toys in the baby's sleep environment at least until baby's first birthday. A good alternative to help keep baby warm safely while sleeping is a swaddle or sleepsack (don't forget to stop using a swaddle once baby starts to show signs of rolling over!).

I really like Halo's fleece swaddles and sleepsacks that are extra warm and cozy.

For more about swaddles and sleepsacks, visit the SLEEP section.

6. Baby Snowsuit

Another great way to keep baby warm during the winter, whether in a carrier or stroller, is a snowsuit. Look for one that is easy to put on and off (one with either with a zipper or magnet closure, and a large opening). I find snowsuits more convenient than coats for small babies who can't walk yet.

Here are some recommendations for snowsuits and fleece one pieces (from least to most warm):

Gap also has some cute ones!

7. Warm Stroller Footmuff

For older babies (that are using the regular stroller seat, not the bassinet), I highly recommend a stroller footmuff - which is basically a cozy sleeping bag. I have this one for my UPPAbaby stroller which I LOVE. Its super plush and warm, and easy to wash!

Another great option is this one, which I haven't tried but people swear by.

8. Warm Booties

Its really hard to find baby socks that actually stay on, and the thicker the socks, the more likely they are to somehow fall off. These fleece booties are nice and warm and stay on very well!

9. Wipe Warmer

I wouldn't say this is a must-have, but it can be nice. Mia would scream during diaper changes at first, and I found that a wipe warmer helped. I'd say wait and see how your baby manages diaper changes at first. If they seem to be bothered by the cold wipes, it may be worth getting a warmer!

I have this one, which is not the best looking but works great and also has a built in light for easy nighttime changes.

10. Humidifier

I hate humidifiers. I find them really hard to clean and am always afraid of them collecting tons of germs. However, with a newborn at home and the heat running all winter long, the air can get super dry, which is not ideal for small babies. I tried quite a few humidifiers (including ones that claim to be "germ-free"), and found that I prefer ones with fewer parts and no filter that needs to be replaced.

I have this one, which is not that hard to clean, and is not expensive, so I'll just replace it when it gets old. Another advantage is that the small tank lasts longer than you'd think!

If you have a humidifier you love please share in the comments! I'm always looking for something better.

11. Just-in-Case Cold Combating Kit

While I really hope none of you will need it, its good to be prepared with a cold combating kit, which should include:

Stay warm and have a great winter!


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